For over 15 years, I’ve been contracting for agencies and studios, big and small, doing video production, motion design, and graphic arts for national TV, web, and various print and digital out of home (DOOH) media, including interactive forms.

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Whether it’s for TV, Web, Digital Walls, et cetera. Motion animations are a great way to show off product or convey your message.

Commercial production for TV, Social, or Web is a must in today’s advertising world. We can produce whatever your imagination would like.

Show your products, characters, environments and special effects in highly dynamic, flexible, and realistic formats.

Your image is the first impression you can give to people. It’s important for you to have solid branding or re-branding that can scale for all the different platforms for your marketing position.

Everywhere you go — train station, casino, ball park, Times Square — all of the new digital formats in advertising typically need new specialized attention.

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